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The CO-OP bakery now bakes blueberry and chocolate chip muffins, apple turnovers, cherry danishes, and croissants every day on premises. Start your day off right, and taste the goodness at the CO-OP!

We also carry artisanal breads from the finest bakers in the business. We order our breads, daily, from local bakeries LeBus and Metropolitan. You can find traditional Italian loaves as well as unique signature loaves such as the chocolate/cherry loaf made by Metropolitan. Samples of our breads are available frequently and we can even slice your bread for you while you shop.

Fresh bagels and rolls are also available at the CO-OP. We carry rolls from Original South Philly Bakery, and bagels from Original Bagel.

For your sweet tooth, we have My House Bakery pies, Classic cakes, as well as a wonderful variety of cookies and muffins from Sweet Potato Bakery.

photo of fresh basked muffins
photo of fresh baked croissants
photo of fresh baked turnovers
photo of fresh baked danish